Thoughts from some Sweet teas!

I just found Tea with HB, and I have already cried like 10 times. I’m sixteen and I wish I couldn’t relate. Keep doing what you’re doing! I hope one day I’ll be as strong as you


Tea with HB has taught me so much. It has opened my ears, eyes and mind to a huge amount of important information. I can’t recommend Blossom’s content enough to anyone looking to educate themselves on some of the most important topics and discussions in today’s world! Furthermore, all the content is accessible and understandable- some of the topics are often ‘overcomplicated’ in the general media, but Tea with HB breaks things down into easy to digest snippets. Grab a cuppa and put on a podcast/video – you’ll be feeling so relaxed and engaged all at the same time!


Tea with HB has given me a space to acknowledge my pain. People are often telling me not to play the victim, to just get over it or to focus on something else. It’s hard to feel heard when you have a debilitating illness. When I see your posts I feel I have the freedom to complain about my pain without being judged.


Tea with HB is such a comforting and thoughtful space that has helped me understand how to deconstruct my own internalized ableism and work to improve the lives of disabled people. So grateful this corner of the internet exists.


Blossom is a true inspiration for me. I can’t relate to a lot of the things she says because I don’t happen to live in the same conditions as she does. But she is so human and that makes it so easy to feel connected to her. Anything she says always makes me feel valuable and valid. Thank you for shining a light on everything you speak about. You truly help me think of life in a lighter and easier way. Thank you for the bravery and the energy you put into this.


⭐️ 5 star Podcast Reviews ⭐️

Everyone should listen to Tea with HB. I feel so lucky to be in a
situation where we live in a world that enables those with big
ideas and even bigger hearts to speak their minds and enlighten
others. Blossom’s work is incredibly important and has opened my eyes to a myriad of things.


This is the best podcast I have ever listened to. I normally get bored but this has kept me engaged throughout. I have “binged” the series tonight as a background to sorting through my room but found myself stopping to listen. 


Such an amazing podcast series – especially great if you have
any form of chronic illness. Also Blossom’s voice is SO
calming! My favourite episode so far is tranquilitea – where she
taught us how to breathe properly in the form of a meditation.


Can’t get enough of these lovely podcasts! Lovely to listen to
with a big cup of tea in the evenings. These have been extremely thought provoking for me. They look at all sorts of different areas and allow you to learn things you might have never known about yourself. They have helped me greatly through my mental health struggles