Blossom (HB)

I am a writer, always have been. It is less of an aspiration or a career than a state of mind. I look at the world around me and I see words, hanging from branches of trees and floating between clouds. I am also an oxymoron. My full name is Holly Blossom. Spiky and Sweet. Winter and Spring. Looks healthy and deals with invisible disabilities.

I have published and performed poems, written and directed plays, worked in education and environmental policy, written, recorded, produced, and marketed a 5 star podcast with over 3,000 international listeners, as well as providing disability consultancy to brands and media companies. I am also a freelance artist and writer. I love talking to new people, cooking, and audiobooks.

I have been in pain my entire life. Invisible and chronic conditions, illnesses that can’t always be cured or even helped by doctors or medication, aren’t taught about in school.

For the longest time my body was a battlefield. I saw my pain as something I needed to fight in order to live, something I had to defeat in order to like myself. Now, I am trying to find peace.

I am trying to see each day as a victory, simply because I have survived it. I want your definition of success to be staying alive as well. That is why I created Tea with HB. To tell you, reading this, that you’re enough. Breathing, being, surviving.

Life in Constant Pain – Blossom

Everyone should listen to Tea with HB. Blossom’s work is incredibly important.


Can’t get enough of these lovely podcasts! They have helped me greatly through my mental struggles. Give them a listen, you won’t regret it!