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Instead of ‘Get well soon!’

If you, too, squirm every time you hear ‘get well soon!’ Then this is for you, with love, from me 🥰

I just want to preface that there is nuance here! Of course the intentions of ‘get well soon’ are good and it’s a way to show you care. But for many of us with mental health conditions, chronic illnesses, disabilities, or many other ailments, hearing it over and over again can be really grating, passive, and is a reminder of something that might not, or in some cases will never, happen. In some cases, when said repeatedly even after being told by someone that these words are hurtful, they are an ableist microaggression. I am done with feeling ashamed about not liking these words. Why on earth wouldn’t we all want to use more inclusive language? Why wouldn’t we want to say something that is more helpful than just ‘feel better’? If this isn’t for you that’s fine, I hope another post of mine is more helpful! But I think language can be really important in helping us empathise with other people. In this case, people who are constantly ‘not well’ and may never be completely ‘better’ 🌸 

Obviously the relationship you have with the person dictates what you will say, but if in doubt, a funny meme or cute baby animal picture is usually guaranteed to make someone feel loved! 

ID: Title reads ‘what to say instead of get well soon’ with six cute illustrated mushrooms, each attached to a different phrase: 1 you’re coping really well!

2 would you like to talk about it?

3 I’m here for you

4 I’m happy to listen to you

5 that sounds so hard

6 let me know if I can do anything

to help?