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I got Covid…

It’s been 2 years.

Of fearing for my life. Of being told by people I loved that if I died that was just ‘the way the cookie crumbled’. Of having ‘survival of the fittest’ and ‘natural selection’ shoved down my throat as if they are not eugenics.

In January, I tested positive for Covid-19. Thanks to the vaccines, I am alive. But the process of getting vaccinated is not safe/supportive enough for chronically ill people. This was preventable. This could have been avoided. But now this is the world we live in… a world where disabled people are made to feel unsafe. Where they know that, in the eyes of the government, and many members of the public, they are expendable. I am grateful to be alive and I am scared of living. 

Things that helped me survive Covid:

💉 Vaccines!!!

🫁 Deep Breathing Exercises

🧊 Migraine Patches

🍯 Honey, lemon, ginger & apple cider vinegar in hot water (a dream for sore throats!) 

🧼 Bubble Baths

🍋 Honey & Lemon flavour chloraseptic anaesthetic throat spray

🍊 Vitamin C & Probiotic

🤧 When you’re sick, do less than you feel able to, fatigue is hard to deal with so don’t go back to your ‘normal’ too soon! Take any exercise or movement gently.

😴 Make sure you rest as much as you can, put on a good TV show or your comfort movie, sleep lots, and keep drinking water and warm drinks. My chosen distraction was The Good Place, a show that I can confirm only gets better with rewatching!

😘 Your work and other responsibilities can wait. Nothing is more important than your own health so try to clear your plans and schedule time to just heal. (this is harder to do in practice, of course!)

Sickness on top of chronic illness or disability is hard for so many reasons, so if you, like me, have to deal with both, I hope you are really proud of yourself! Your strength is hardly ever recognised and even less frequently celebrated, but I see you. You’re doing great, sweet tea 🤪☕️