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‘Survival of the Fittest’

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin is often used to back eugenics. Disguised as ‘natural selection’ and ‘survival of the fittest’ some people believe that vulnerable people dying is absolutely fine. That has been made more than clear during the pandemic. But evolution does not mean eradicating disability, disability will always exist. This is what Darwin actually said: ‘It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.’ And who is the most adaptable to change? Disabled people. We have to adapt every single day. 

It is on society to develop technology and accessible design so that disabilities aren’t as limiting as they are today. Just as glasses mean that lots of visually impaired people can see to the extent they are not even considered disabled. Just as wheelchairs mean that many disabled people are able to be independent. Imagine if we developed painkillers to help those in chronic pain. If we protected each other from viruses to prevent chronic fatigue. If we funded mental health services to assist those with anxiety, ocd, and depression. If we promoted education about autism rather than trying to ‘cure’ it. Imagine a world where disability isn’t a tragedy, but a springboard for innovation! 

Humans should not be defined by their ability. We are inherently worthy of love, and we should never need to prove it. Oh, and by the way, Darwin was disabled. 

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I got Covid…

It’s been 2 years.

Of fearing for my life. Of being told by people I loved that if I died that was just ‘the way the cookie crumbled’. Of having ‘survival of the fittest’ and ‘natural selection’ shoved down my throat as if they are not eugenics.

In January, I tested positive for Covid-19. Thanks to the vaccines, I am alive. But the process of getting vaccinated is not safe/supportive enough for chronically ill people. This was preventable. This could have been avoided. But now this is the world we live in… a world where disabled people are made to feel unsafe. Where they know that, in the eyes of the government, and many members of the public, they are expendable. I am grateful to be alive and I am scared of living. 

Things that helped me survive Covid:

💉 Vaccines!!!

🫁 Deep Breathing Exercises

🧊 Migraine Patches

🍯 Honey, lemon, ginger & apple cider vinegar in hot water (a dream for sore throats!) 

🧼 Bubble Baths

🍋 Honey & Lemon flavour chloraseptic anaesthetic throat spray

🍊 Vitamin C & Probiotic

🤧 When you’re sick, do less than you feel able to, fatigue is hard to deal with so don’t go back to your ‘normal’ too soon! Take any exercise or movement gently.

😴 Make sure you rest as much as you can, put on a good TV show or your comfort movie, sleep lots, and keep drinking water and warm drinks. My chosen distraction was The Good Place, a show that I can confirm only gets better with rewatching!

😘 Your work and other responsibilities can wait. Nothing is more important than your own health so try to clear your plans and schedule time to just heal. (this is harder to do in practice, of course!)

Sickness on top of chronic illness or disability is hard for so many reasons, so if you, like me, have to deal with both, I hope you are really proud of yourself! Your strength is hardly ever recognised and even less frequently celebrated, but I see you. You’re doing great, sweet tea 🤪☕️

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Freedom Day

Disability is the only minority group that anybody can join at any time, the only one YOU will definitely join at some point in your life. 

‘Society is defined by how it treats its most vulnerable’

I know many are excited about Freedom Day but… What is freedom if 30% of the population are left behind? Not just disabled people, but the people they come into contact with, their families, friends, and carers. We are all connected. Our actions affect each other. 

So, I am begging you. Disabled people have suffered enough. We have all suffered enough! So many have been restricted from visiting loved ones in hospital. Some haven’t been able to see family at all in years. There have been far worse tragedies during these months than having to keep a distance or wear a mask. These restrictions are not infringing on your freedom. Forcing vulnerable people to lockdown and live in fear is infringing on their freedom. So, Freedom day is not freedom for a third of the country. 

Scrap Freedom Day, and use your voice to ask for the access that has been provided to be made permanent for the disabled people who have been pleading for it for decades: Online learning, remote working, virtual entertainment. Scrap Freedom day and spare a thought for the people who have been trapped in the same four walls all this time, no garden. Scrap whatever imagery you have or ‘returning to normal’ being positive when the NHS is still overwhelmed, and many are still dying because of it. 1,2000 scientists have labelled this move by the government ‘an unethical experiment’ and have advised against it on the grounds that easing restrictions makes England a threat to the world.

Yes, everyone’s suffering, but is it right to let 30% of the UK continue in even more fear, danger and difficulty, to give ‘freedom’ to the rest? What kind of freedom is that? It looks like eugenics to me.

We can make real life impact, so please, speak up for the ones left behind, and ask that restrictions be kept in place. If you are not disabled, we need your voice. Disability intersects with every other community, (30% of the LGBTQ+ Community are disabled) and it is the only minority group that anybody can join at any time, the only one YOU will definitely join at some point in your life.