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10 FREE Gift Ideas for Christmas 2020

I have put together a list of 10 FREE & eco-friendly gift ideas for Christmas 2020- and beyond! Whether you need a last minute Christmas gift, are sticking to a budget, or want some thoughtful gift ideas that require zero craft skills- because every free gift idea seems to be ‘Crochet them a succulent holder with the expensive wool you already have lying around!’- you’re in the right place. There are many reasons you need free gift ideas, but the best one is that they are the most sustainable because they require no shipping, labour, or toxic materials! Personally, I have been shielding since March and getting out to go Christmas shopping is out of the question. We have all struggled with work, whether in finding, doing, or losing jobs, and avoiding amazon can be difficult when so many small shops around us have closed. So, how can we show our loved ones we care about them without spending money? Well, this year, I think we all appreciate time and effort more than anything that can be bought. It is truly the thought that counts. That is why the only thing these gifts will cost you is your time! 

10 Free & Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

  1. Recommend them some YouTube Channels you think they would enjoy! Some of my favourite YouTubers are…
    • Yoga with Adriene for someone who wants to find more balance within themselves and exercise from home
    • Crash Course or Kurzgesagt for someone who loves learning new things
    • Pick Up Limes for someone who is interested in nutritious vegan food but is struggling to find delicious recipes
    • Lavendaire for lifestyle and organisation
  2. Give them a book list you think they would like with quotes from the books that are personal to your relationship. You could even hand write some of the quotes to make it extra thoughtful!
  3. Create a collage of memories together, quotes that either of you have said or wise words from their favourite celebrity, pretty pictures of flowers and cute baby animals, something they can look at and immediately be cheered up. Apps like picCollage can help you out, but this gift could be made physical by using magazine cuttings, though digital is probably easiest to send right now!
  4. Choose some songs to put together a playlist just for them. You could even copy the lyrics that you think they will like in their Christmas card! Songs I’m loving right now are:
  5. Email your local radio to give them a shoutout, you could ask them to tell the person how grateful you are for them, or write another sweet message.
  6. Design some recipes for them, that you could either make together, or that you know they would enjoy learning to cook. 
  7. Edit together some videos and/or photos of your favourite memories to make them smile. This montage could also include pictures of places where you want to go on holiday if you don’t have many of the two of you together (or only made friends during lockdown, for instance!)  
  8. Write a set of vouchers for things you want to do together/ things you can offer- a walk outside, to bake cookies for them, perhaps if it is for a sibling you could promise to tidy their room, or promise a parent to do the cooking every day for a week!
  9. Personalise a watchlist for them! We all know how frustrating it is to spend more time browsing Netflix than actually enjoying what we watch! Choose 5 Movies and TV shows that you know they haven’t seen, and to make it even more personal you could write a synopsis for each of them that the has inside jokes or why you think they’d like it. Two Netflix shows I am liking right now are:
    • Gilmore Girls! What’s Autumn without rewatching at least one episode- let’s be real- all seven seasons?!
    • Dash & Lily A sweet and soft watch- think Hallmark Christmas Movie as a TV show- what more do you want?!
  10. Pick some flowers if you are lucky enough to have some growing near you! You can dry them and stick them to some card for a bookmark or add it to potpourri and divide it into bags to make a batch of presents for all your loved ones.

I hope one or more of these ideas has inspired you! In the Christmas Spirit (and as a thank you for reading this whole blog!) A BONUS gift idea could be compiling a list of your favourite podcasts! As long as Tea with HB is at the top of course… 🙂

Relax your jaw, straighten your spine, take a deep breath… and you’re ready to put so much love and thought into these gifts that the recipient won’t even think about the price tag!

Love, HB x

P.S I have nothing against crochet, and if you’d like to make my mini Cactus Eric a wooly holder for the Winter months, we’d both be so pleased.