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Include Asians in your Anti-Racism

As a disabled writer, woman, and human being, intersectionality is incredibly important to me. We need to dismantle all systems of oppression, not just one, because they are all interconnected. That’s why I want to talk about the rise in hate crimes against the Asian community right now.

I benefit from Asian cultures in many ways. Whether it is food, films, kpop, products, manga, fashion anime, healthcare, we all benefit from these communities’ work and history.

I eat sushi, dumplings, pho and kimchi. I have Asian family members and friends.
I love Studio Ghibli.
I hope to travel to Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Thailand and more Asian countries one day.

But even if none of this were true, the simple facts are that hate crimes in the Asian community have been rising exponentially, that the representation, particularly of Asian women in the media, is extremely damaging, that these communities have been targeted and blamed and attacked because of ignorance and racism.

You shouldn’t need to benefit from a community to care, you shouldn’t need to have a friend or a family member suffering to speak out, the fact that you are human should be enough to stand up for what is right. I am sick of activism only working as a trend, acting like we only have a small window for change. No. Speak about the issues you care about, always. Not just when it’s a hashtag. NOBODY should have to be scared to go outside.