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International Women’s Day

March is Endometriosis Awareness month, one of the most painful conditions in the world that effects 190 million women worldwide. Learn more about it here

Here’s to taking up space. Here’s to using exclamation marks in emails without shame. Here’s to loving things so much you can’t not talk about them!!! 🥂 

Feminism isn’t about the ideal of who you should be, or about taking advantage of the opportunities that women before us didn’t have, it’s about doing whatever you want to do because you are able to choose 🎠 

Today, #InternationalWomensDay , is about raising awareness for the fact that SO MANY women still don’t have a choice. So if you do, choose to advocate for all women’s rights, not just those who look like you and share your experiences. But most importantly, choose rest, choose joy, choose looking after yourself 💛