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Ableism means discrimination against disabled people. 

Disabled people are the largest minority group in existence, making up 15% of the world’s population, and one day, that will include you. However, most people have never heard of… Ableism! This means discrimination against disabled people. 

The way society is structured to favour enabled people and exclude disabled people is systemic ableism, but not many people know what that is, let alone what to do about it. Disabled people themselves are sometimes unaware that they are experiencing prejudice, or that they have the option to do something about it. I have been disabled since I was 10 years old, and didn’t know the word ‘ableism’ until I was 17. I had no idea how to explain the injustice I was experiencing and so I couldn’t do anything about it. So please watch this video so we can change things for disabled children in the future:

Ableism | Tea with HB YouTube | Please SHARE with a friend!

Before the pandemic virtual alternatives weren’t an acceptable option, but now they have become helpful for enabled people, suddenly disabled people get the accommodations and access that we’ve been begging for for decades… Watch my YouTube video ‘Ableism’ to find out more!