As a Freelance Artist & Graphic Designer since the age of 16, my experience with calligraphy and illustration has given me the skills to design my own logo and branding for Tea with HB. I designed this teapot in 2019 and I love that every person who looks at it tells me they see something different. Sound waves, ripples, rainbows, light, Tea with HB is a movement, for everyone who dreams of a better world. From traditional mediums like acrylic, pencil, and watercolour, to digital art and app illustrations, I hope you enjoy this virtual gallery of my work so far.

A Teapot with three ripples emitting from the spout like sound waves, with the writing Tea with HB below
Tea with HB Logo

Freelance Digital Illustrations for the Gaming App Stir Crazy

Original Digital Artwork & Calligraphy. Find more here @calligrafei